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28/12/2014 Rev Ross Brown mp3 Video Title
07/12/2014 Rev Ross Brown mp3 Video Title
23/11/2014 Rev Ross Brown mp3 Video Title
16/11/2014 Rev Ross Brown mp3 Video Keep Up Your Courage
Acts 27 v1-24
09/11/2014 Rev Ross Brown mp3 Video Rememberance
02/11/2014 Rev Ross Brown mp3 Video Title
26/10/2014 Rev Ross Brown mp3 Video Title
19/10/2014 David Reimer mp3 Video Sleeping in Sardis
Revelation 3:1-6
12/10/2014 Rev Ross Brown mp3 Video Reflections At The Table
Hebrews 10 v1-18
05/10/2014 Rev Ross Brown mp3 Video Gods Love Is Forever
1 John 4 vs 7-19
28/09/2014 Rev Ross Brown mp3 Video Gifts, Giving and Stewardship
Philippians 4 v10
21/09/2014 Rev Ross Brown mp3 Video Scotland For Christ
Psalm 84
14/09/2014 Rev Ross Brown mp3 Video Scotland and Faith
Ephesians 2 v1-10
07/09/2014 Rev Ross Brown mp3 Video The Authority Of Christ
Ephesians 1 vs 1-3
31/08/2014 Rev Ross Brown mp3 Video Another Day At Work
John 21 vs 1-19
10/08/2014 Bill and Helen Guyan mp3 N/A Mukti Mission
03/08/2014 Rev Ross Brown mp3 Video Tragedy of Conflict
Matthew 24 vs. 1 - 14
27/07/2014 Rev Ross Brown mp3 Video Burial, Resurrection and Appearance
John 19 vs. 38 to John 20 vs. 10
06/07/2014 Rev Ross Brown mp3 Video Such Love
John 19 vs 1-37
22/06/2014Rev Ross Brownmp3VideoWorld Authority In Dismay
John 18 vs 28-40
15/06/2014Norman Liddlemp3VideoScottish Bible Society
God's Invitation
Isaiah 55
08/06/2014Rev Ross Brownmp3VideoPentecost
Acts 2
01/06/2014Rev Ross Brownmp3VideoJesus Prays For His Disciples
John 17 vs 1 to 18
25/05/2014Bruce LockhartN/AN/ASharing The Light - Luke 5
The Work of Scripture Union
18/05/2014Ross Brownmp3VideoChoosing a Leader
Acts 6 v1-6, 1 Tim 3 vs 8-13
11/05/2014David Reimermp3VideoFear and Rejoicing
Psalm 2 vs 1-13
04/05/2014Rev Ross Brownmp3VideoLife, persecution and death
27/04/2014David Reimermp3VideoTitle
20/04/2014Rev Ross Brownmp3VideoTitle
13/04/2014Rev Ross Brownmp3VideoA Tale of Two Crowns
and the Splendor of the King
John 12 vs 12-19
06/04/2014Rev Ross Brownmp3VideoThe promised Holy Spirit
John 14 vs. 15 to 31
30/03/2014Rev Ross Brownmp3VideoThe Lord's Comfort
John 14 vs. 1 to 14
23/03/2014Rev Ross Brownmp3VideoPeters Denial
John 13 vs. 31 to 38
16/03/2014Rev Ross Brownmp3VideoThe betrayer revealed
John 13 vs. 20 to 29
09/03/2014Judy Whitemp3VideoThe Ministry of the
Baptist Missionary Society (BMS)
02/03/2014Ian Garriockmp3VideoThe Restoration Man
Joel 2 vs 25
23/02/2014Rev Ross Brownmp3VideoThe example of servant hood
John 13 vs. 1 to 19
16/02/2014Rev Ross Brownmp3VideoGlorify your name
John 12 vs. 2 7 to 50
09/02/2014Rev Ross Brownmp3VideoSir we want to see Jesus
John 12 vs. 20 to 26
02/02/2014Rev Ross Brownmp3VideoRoad to Calvary
John 12 v 12-19
26/01/2014David Reimermp3VideoClinging To Christ
Revelation 2 v29
19/01/2014John Dryliemp3n/aMission Sunday with John Drylie
Chair of Dunfermline Food Bank
12/01/2014Rev Ross Brownmp3n/aText for the year 'God Restores'
Joel 2 vs. 18 to 27
05/01/2014Rev Ross Brownmp3n/aThe wise men came from the east
Matthew 2 vs. 1 to 12