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28/12/2008 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 The wise men came from the East
24/12/2008 Ross Brown n/a ZippedMP4 Christmas Eve Carol Service
21/12/2008pm Ross Brown soon
ZippedMP4 Carol Service with Silver Band
21/12/2008 Ross Brown n/a ZippedMP4 Christmas Family Service
14/12/2008 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 Love Came Down At Christmas
07/12/02008 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 God's Wonderous Gift
30/11/2008 Iain Garriock mp3 ZippedMP4 Big Brother
23/11/2008 Richard Higgenbottom mp3 ZippedMP4 The Character of Samson
02/11/2008 Mark Laing mp3 India Video
Sermon Video
Keep yourself from Idols
26/10/2008 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 Bible Sunday 2008
19/10/08 Ross Brown n/a ZippedMP4 Christina Gray's Baptismal Service
12/10/08 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 Humility and Pride
28/09/08 Ross Brown mp3 n/a Giving thanks to God for his provision
21/09/08 Ross, StepOut Team mp3 n/a Step Out 2008 Reunion Weekend
Sunday Morning Service
14/09/08 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 The Temple of God
07/09/08 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 Back to School
(Family Service)
31/08/08 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 15 Qualities of Love
24/08/08 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 The supreme importance of God
17/08/08 Ross Brown mp3 n/a The deep things of God
10/08/08 Ian Garriock mp3 ZippedMP4 In the name o' the wee man
03/08/08 Ross Brown mp3 n/a The wisdom of God
25/07/08 Ross Brown n/a ZippedMP4 Baptism of Grace Lamond at  Lakeside, Keswick
13/07/08 Ross Brown n/a n/a Mission praise morning
06/07/08 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 Mission vision
29/06/08 Ross Brown n/a n/a Prize giving & youth service
22/06/08 Andrew Scarcliffe mp3 ZippedMP4 Step-Out Mission Team
weekend at IBC
15/06/08 Ian Garriock mp3 ZippedMP4 On The Spot
08/06/08 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 Christ crucified
01/06/08 Ross Brown n/a n/a The foolishness of preaching
25/05/08 Ross Brown mp3 n/a The saving power of God
18/05/08 Howard Drysdale mp3 ZippedMP4 Aberdeen Seaman's mission
11/05/08 Ross Brown mp3 n/a Man divides, Christ unites
04/05/08 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 Thank you Jesus
27/04/08 Gary Smith mp3 ZippedMP4 Preparing for the return of Jesus
20/04/08 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 Life in the Church in Corinth
13/04/08 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 Counting The Cost
06/04/08 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 On The Road With Christ
30/03/08 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 A New Day With Surprisingly New Beginnings
23/03/08 Ross Brown n/a ZippedMP4 Easter Sunday Family Service
16/03/08 David Liddle n/a ZippedMP4 The work of the
Slavic Gospel Association
02/03/08 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 God the creator, 
Man the ruler
24/02/2008 John Edwards mp3 ZippedMP4 Walking Free in Christ
17/02/2008 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 Mankind and the Universe
03/02/2008 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 The Day of Choice
27/01/2008 Ian Garriock mp3 ZippedMP4 'Ashes' - Attitudes to the Church
20/01/2008 Chris Park mp3 ZippedMP4 Preparing the way to Jesus
13/01/2008 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 O Lord Our God How Majestic is Your Name... (Psalm 8 vs 1)
06/01/2008 Ross Brown mp3 ZippedMP4 God's People United in Christ