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Picture of the Jim Cowburgh who went to be with the Lord in January 2009
Jim Cowburgh

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This section of the website was taken from the website of Jim Cowburgh - a much loved former church member who went to be with the Lord in 2009.  Jim had a long standing ministry of distributing recordings of Christian testimonies and teaching, and laterly many of these were uploaded to his website so they could be shared with friends throughout the world.
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TestimonyMadame BilquisRight-click heren/an/aFrom Darkness to Light - Madame Bilquis Sheikh.  The incredible testimony of a high born pakistani woman of noble birth.
"I dared to call him Father"
TestimonyJim VausRight-click heren/an/aJim Vaus was a wire tapper working for celebrities, the government, and organised crime, before his life changing encounter with Jesus
TestimonyJohn EdwardsRight-click heren/an/aIn "Divine Appointment" John Edwards describes how the love of Jesus set him free from a lifetime of drug addiction
TestimonyJohn Edwardsn/aZippedMP4GoogleJohn Edwards (on Revelation TV) gives an updated testimony on God's ongoing work in his life and the new challenges he has overcome (2007)
TestimonyAnne Graham LotzRight-click heren/an/a"Are You Going to Heaven?"
Gospel message from the daughter of Billy Graham
Right-click heren/an/aA Welshman (now a pastor) used to be an athiest until a supernatural encounter with an angel changed his life.  Hear his story.
TestimonyEd DeckerRight-click heren/an/aEd Decker was a comitted member of the Church of Later Day Saints (i.e. a Mormon) who one day was persuaded to attend a Christian church - and became a Christian.  Hear his testimony.
TestimonyDoreen IrvineRight-click heren/an/aDoreen Irvine's Testimony
"From Witchcraft to Christ" and what God has done in her life since her conversion in 1964 (recorded 1982)
TestimonyJane VidalRight-click heren/an/aJane Vidal describes here experiences as a missionary in Ecudor
TestimonyDuncan DonaldsonRight-click heren/an/aDuncan Donaldson (originally known as "Drunken Duncan" before he was a Christian) testifies to transforming power of Jesus.
TestimonyNita EdwardsRight-click heren/an/aNita testifies to the amazing act of healing which Christ performed in her life
TestimonyCharles TrombleyRight-click heren/an/aCharles testifies to how as a Jehovah's Witness his search for God lead him to saving faith in the real Jesus.
Jim Cowburgh
Right-Click Here n/a n/a A poem composed and read by Jim Cowburgh, entitled
"The Watered Doun Sermon"
Jim Cowburgh
Chapters 1-7
Chapter 8-End
n/a n/a Jim Cowburgh's commentary on the Book of Daniel

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